Personal Tax Advisor

Elissavet Zogka

Elissavet has 1+ years of experience working at Simpl

Her specialisms are:

  • Construction industry scheme (CIS)
  • Sole Traders
  • Landlords

Elissavet is currently studying Accounting at the University of Hertfordshire.


Construction industry scheme (CIS): Elissavet has advised many clients on the different allowable expenses that can be claimed on the self-assessment for clients working in the construction industry scheme. She has also advised clients on the best way to keep their records during the year to help them with their next self-assessment.

Sole Traders: She has advised many sole traders in a wide range of industries, whether they are just starting their business or they are a few years down the line. Going through all the allowable expenses and advising them on their tax liability.

Landlords:  Elissavet has successfully helped both UK and NON-UK tax residents file their self-assessments to declare their rental income. As well, she has successfully appealed penalties and advise those clients that we’re unaware of their obligations.

Hobbies & Interests

Elissavet enjoys reading books that are related to self-growth and cycling or walking in the parks. She also enjoys travelling to different cities in the UK and abroad.

The rapid-fire emails with a personal touch from Katie & Elissavet meant I felt very confident in the process.


I warmly recommend their services to my friends and to you all reading this review. A great team that does its best for all its clients.


Excellent service, understanding, and patient and get the job done,I have no qualms about thoroughly recommending them.


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